Welcome to the 3rd annual Halfway 2 Halloween Costume and Dance Party brought to you by A Way Of Life Productions. This event is being held on FIRST FRIDAY in downtown Las Vegas just a few blocks west from the First Friday Art Walk.

Halfway 2 Halloween is not just a dance party but a community of Artists, musicians, and performers. We will have Vendors, Food trucks, and other interactive art and entertainment.

   This is a full blown Costume Halloween Party and you are encouraged to go all out! group efforts are welcome and there will be plenty of photographers around to capture it all 


   We Are also organizing a charity costume drive and encourage you to bring a new or slightly used child's size costume to donate to the local Shade Tree Shelter for battered women and children.  (more details here)


    We are AWOL... and we cant wait to see all your smiling faces on the dance floor.  Officially AWOL stands for "A Way of Life",  However it also means "All Walks of Life" meaning everyone with a positive vibe is invited!  AWOL also means to us "A World of Love" where we encourage you to share with us your art, ideas, and forms of self expression, however we ask that at our events you party SAFE! RESPONSIBLY SAY NO TO DRUGS, AND YO TO HUGS!!! otherwise bad things can happen and that's what we call "A WASTE OF LIFE"... Live, Love, and be safe!!!.     Chad Craig